Sunday, June 5, 2011

kids sports

Haven't written in a while but started a blog post on young player with a concussion last week and got distracted so didn't finish.  First of I should probably tell you I took a fall recently and was diagnosed by my neurologist as having temporal and  possible frontal damage. I'm doing better but still having more bad days than good.

Last week a boy on a rookie baseball league team showed up late and was really off in his playing. Towards the end of the game he was starting to feel nauseous but wanted to continue playing so was allowed by both his mom and the coach. The boy was 9 or under. Turns out he was late because he had been at the ER getting staples in his head. The ER doc was told he had a game that night and said it was fine for him to play. How are can we expect coaches and players from pewee leagues right up to professional to take the dangers of playing with an unhealed concussion if ER doctors don't.

I was having a bad time last weekend so my family got to see up close the reality of mTBI. I've never been in a coma, never been unconscious more than a minute or two so they thought they knew what mTBI did to you.
It never occurred to them I lived in CA when I got the first one and was living with a roommate or alone for the other so I only had contact with them on good days.We went to camp this weekend and so I had no way to hide the fact I couldn't follow simple directions over half of the time, I was starting sentences and conversations in the middle thinking I had said the beginning. I was having trouble talking in complete sentence sentences.It was a bad time so I sort of have been isolating since then I am now positive my nephews will be protected . I was already pretty sure since my Grammy's first fiance died after being hit in the head with a ball during a game.
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