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Just wanted to let people know that my posting this week may be a bit erratic. My father died last night and I just don't have the focus to do this. One of those brain injury things ... It took me 2 hours to download, copy and post the information for my 2 posts today. I will be posting a review for Body Contact and the other 2 books in the trilogy but I can't remember where I put them right now.
Stress and anxiety lessen the brain's ability to  function, when you are already struggling to use your brain because of a TBI stress and anxiety can make it hard to remember your own name. I've done reasonably well since my father's health started deteriorating but the last week has been bad. For those who know me well this will tell them just how bad things were ... I was only able to read one book a day if that. My normal is 2 - 6 books a day. .

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by Cathryn Fox HANDS ON #2 Publication Date: August 15, 2016 Genres: Adult, Serial, Entangled: Scorched, Erotic, Romance
Body Contact Cover


Synopsis:  Body Contact is the second of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author Cathryn Fox.Asking pro football player Jack Rider to teach me everything he knows about sex might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure I can handle a guy like him. I thought he’d just straight up do me, ridding me of my pesky virginity sooner rather than later. But no, he had his own ideas about bringing me up to speed on sex. His two weeks of slow seduction might just be the death of me, but since he’s the one in charge, I have to play the game his way. Not that I’m not enjoying it. I am. Who wouldn’t, right? I guess I just can’t help but wonder how I’ll ever let another man touch me after him. This is the second of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. BODY CONTACT is sure to leave readers begging for more. The next installment comes September 2016. goodreads-badge-add-38px


Hands On Cover


Synopsis: Hands On is the first of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author Cathryn Fox. When hot as hell Danielle Lang showed up and asked me to teach her about sex, I thought I was hallucinating. Turns out the beautiful psychologist needed an extra bit of schooling in all things sexual so she could teach a class. I’m always up for helping a friend. I mean, it’s the least I can do. What I wasn’t expecting is for her to turn the tables and teach me a few things. Only this short-term promise of two weeks in her bed is going by a little too quickly. Not that I’m thinking forever or anything. I’ve got a football career to get back to. And she doesn’t want to be a part of my world. There’s no way we can be together—so I’m going to make sure I enjoy every sexy second…. This is the first of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. HANDS ON is sure to leave readers begging for more. The next installment, Body Contact, will be published August 2016.
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Cathryn Fox
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn has two teenagers who keep her busy and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. When not writing, Cathryn can be found laughing over lunch with friends, hanging out with her kids, or watching a big action flick with her husband.


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All of the Lights

by K. Ryan Publication Date: August 22, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Suspense All of the Lights Cover


Amazon (99c or #FREE with #KindleUnlimited):
Synopsis: Two households. One secret that will change everything.

I was raised to believe his family was nothing but trash. I was raised to believe her family was the root of all evil.

I sent his brother to prison. I should hate her for what she did.

I’ve never fought a day in my life. I’ve fought every day of my life.

I need him to help me find answers. I need her to set the record straight.

I should stay away from him. I should walk away from her.

But I can’t. But I can’t.

*This book is a standalone, contemporary/mystery romance and is intended for readers 18 and older*


aotl-the light of all the lights


Just as I lean in with both hands splayed out on the bar top, the door opens and hell might as well have broken loose. Because as much as I’ve tried to push Friday night down to the deepest, darkest recesses of my memory where I’ll never have to worry about it again, it’s back with a vengeance.

Or, rather, she’s back with a fiery vengeance if her hair is any indication.

Her green eyes sweep around the bar and, considering there’s just two other people in it, those eyes find what they’re looking for quickly. There’s a determination in them that scares me a little more than it should—I should be the one breathing fire, not her. She’s the one treading on my space and yet, I’m the one ready to run and hide.

And then my memory clears. She played me Friday night, good and hard. Had me right where she wanted me, eating out of the palm of her damn hand, practically begging her to throw me a bone, to give me her number, and all for...what? So she could turn around and brag to all her friends that she conned Jack Flynn on Callahan turf?

It was probably all bullshit anyway. She probably went home to her boyfriend in Back Bay and laughed about me in bed all night long.

Now I react accordingly. Heat rises up from my feet and shoots right up to my chest. I want her the hell out of my bar. I want her the hell out of my sight.

Still, my body is frozen right where I stand as she crosses the short distance between us and tentatively rests her palms against the bar. My lips press into a firm, grim line and animosity pours off me in waves, filling the few feet between us. There’s no good reason for her to be here right now, or ever, and before she finds her way out the door, we need to clear something up first.

“Can we talk?” Rae asks, her voice shaking a little.

Good. She should be scared. She should turn her ass around and never come back.

“No,” I snap. My eyes slice into her and I hope she can feel every inch.

She swallows hard and her gaze shifts anxiously to Cal, who lifts an eyebrow and takes another swig of his beer nonchalantly as if the daughter of our community’s number one enemy didn’t just walk through the door.

Her chest rises and falls one more time and her hands clench around the edge of the bar top so tightly her knuckles turn pale.

“Please,” she tries again, but I’m already shaking my head. “I just need to—”

“You don’t need to do anything except leave,” I cut in briskly and slam the towel down on the bar. “You know, you must really be stupid...showing up here again like this. Do you have a death wish or something?”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” she shoots back in defiance.

No, I’m not.

“Try me,” I growl instead and her eyebrows just lift, unimpressed and unconvinced.

And for a moment, I almost admire the kind of backbone it must’ve taken her to actually get in her car, drive down here, and walk inside our bar. She’s not weak—I could see it Friday night and I see it now, but being strong isn’t going to do her any favors. Not here. Not like this.

I’d never lay hands on a woman, but given everything this particular woman has done to my family, to my brother, the way she just keeps showing up like a cockroach...the temptation itches at me.

She’s lucky I can control myself outside the ring.

Rae leans forward, her pretty face contorted a little too much for my liking and I know where this is going. I’ve seen this look before. Not from her, but other women at other times when they want something. This is exactly why the only woman I’ve ever been able to put up with in long doses is my mom because every other woman is a complicated mess I don’t have the time or the energy to spend untangling.

I might have fallen for her act Friday night, but I’m not biting tonight.

“Please,” she tries again. This time, her voice is softer, more urgent, and that raging determination is at the forefront now more than ever. “I just want to explain and then I’ll leave. I promise. Just one minute—that’s all I’m asking for. Besides,” she waves a hand around my near-empty bar, “it looks to me like you’ve got some time to kill.”

I blow out a deep breath and mull over my options. Unfortunately, she kinda has a point and I have a feeling that she really will leave if I just give her the one minute she’s asking for. Shit. Now I’m just annoyed she was able to convince me so quickly.

A beat later, I tip my chin at Cal.

“Why don’t you step outside for a smoke.”

He just lifts a shoulder, takes one more long gulp of his beer, and pushes off his stool to head toward the door. Once the door shuts behind him, my gaze shifts to the current bane of my existence and I lift an eyebrow at her. The ball’s in her court now.

“You’ve got 30 seconds and then you either get out or I’ll throw you out.”

Rae’s jaw clenches and for the first time since she walked in, she falters. Her hands tremble around the edge of the bar top, she inhales sharply, and if I look closely enough, I could probably see her lips quiver ever so slightly. Then, everything changes again on a dime. Her back straightens, her chin tips up, and her eyes meet mine dead-on. It’s like this girl is afraid of nothing. Jesus, maybe she really does have a death wish.

But when she finally opens her mouth, it’s not to tell me she’s sorry for playing my stupid ass on Friday night.

“I want to get Sean out of prison.”

Wait a minute...what? My head rears back and shakes from side to side. There’s no way I heard her right.


That’s all I’ve got.

She seems to take my response as a good sign, but she’s wrong. If my blood was simmering before, it’s cranked up to a boil now. My head just needs a little time to catch up with my emotions.

“I know he wasn’t the one who…” she trails off, her eyes still blazing green with a grit I just can’t reconcile right now. “I know he wasn’t the one who hurt me. I think I’ve always known it—I just never knew what to do about it until now.”

“You tell the fucking truth from the start, that’s what you do,” I snap back at her.

Rae winces from the impact, but I don’t care. She can’t come up in here and spew this kind of bullshit seven years too late.

“I’m so—”

“Don’t,” I lean forward as I growl again, inching just close enough so she can read the menace on my face. “You’re not sorry. If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Get out of my bar.”

“Please,” her eyes widen and her hands spread out in front of her in a futile attempt at getting any sympathy from me. “Just listen, okay? I know you hate me—”

“Hate you?” I cock an eyebrow at her and fold my arms across my chest. “Sweetheart, hate doesn’t even round the corner of what I feel for you. There isn’t a word in the dictionary for what I feel for you.”

All of the Lights Teaser 1


K. Ryan

K. Ryan lives in the Green Bay area with her crazy-supportive boyfriend and the best decision of her adult life, a not-so-stray cat named Oliver. When not writing, she’s either binge-watching something on Netflix, running, reading, or cheering on the Packers.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@authorkryan) and Facebook or visit her website,, for updates and news. 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | NewsletterGoodreads | Amazon Author Profile


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Random Acts of MarriageRandom Acts of Marriage by Boone Brux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Random Acts of Marriage by Boone Brux
3 stars
My score is more like a 3.5. I would probably read it again but not as many times as I do many of my books. A nice, light romance to read when you are just looking for a feel good book. I enjoyed reading it. It has good pacing and sentence structure. The only critism I have is that some times it felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. I have to say though the penis conversation at about the mid point was funny enough to make it a definite good book for a bad day.
This book is two people who think they have known eachother for years when a series of events and a guy with a crush lead them to learn they really didn't know eachother at all. We get to see them work past years of first impressions to discover the other was nothing like they thought.
This book is one I would recommend for most readers. If you are looking for hot scenes this book has them but there is very little actual sex. I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

View all my reviews

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Cover Reveal - Malt Me


Malt Me

by DL Gallie The Liquor Cabinet Series #1 Publication Date: August 7, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Book 1 - Malt Me

Purchase:  Amazon

They look at me with pity. They treat me like I’m broken, made of glass. One wrong move and I’ll shatter, never to be mended again. But they’re wrong, I survived. I won’t let him or anyone ruin my life. I refuse to let them win. I am Mackenzie Merlot. I am strong. I am a survivor. Beer: it’s all I ever loved. It’s all I ever thought about until she came crashing into my life; literally. I missed my chance at the beginning, but now that I have her, I will do anything for her and our dream; but I failed. I’m Jordan McRoberts; I will do anything to make sure she gets her happily ever after. goodreads-badge-add-38px

About DL Gallie

I’m from Queensland in Australia but I have lived all around the world. I’m currently living in Gladstone with my husband and two kids. I’ve been with my husband since I was 16, and even though we drive each other nuts at times, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I got back into reading just after I had my son and with some encouragement from my husband I started to write, and now the voices won’t stop. I enjoy listening to music, drinking white wine in Summer, Red wine in Winter, beer all year round, I won’t say no to a cocktail either (specifically a margarita), reading and now writing.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Random Acts of Marriage by Boone Brux
3 stars
My score is more like a 3.5. I would probably read it again but not as many times as I do many of my books. A nice, light romance to read when you are just looking for a feel good book. I enjoyed reading it. It has good pacing and sentence structure. The only critism I have is that some times it felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. I have to say though the penis conversation at about the mid point was funny enough to make it a definite good book for a bad day.
This book is two people who think they have known eachother for years when a series of events and a guy with a crush lead them to learn they really didn't know eachother at all. We get to see them work past years of first impressions to discover the other was nothing like they thought.
This book is one I would recommend for most readers. If you are looking for hot scenes this book has them but there is very little actual sex.

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Summer Girl

by A.S. Green Publication Date: August 8, 2016 Genres: Entangled: Embrace, New Adult, Romance Summer Girl Cover


Synopsis: A songwriter is nothing without his muse. Sucks that mine turns out to be Katherine D’Arcy––hot as hell, but the very definition of country-club living and everything I came to this quiet little island to escape. The last thing I need is some live-life-by-her-day-planner summer girl screwing with my head, but I can’t stop thinking about her…those curves, silky brown hair, and those eyes…I left that privileged world behind when I came up to Little Bear Island hoping for some inspiration to write my songs. But here I am still, two years later, unable to write crap. That is until Katherine showed up to tend the lighthouse for the summer and drive me crazy. With her here, the writing has never been better. If only there weren’t that one inconvenient truth I’ve been keeping from her… Because when she learns what I’ve been hiding, I know I will lose her forever. goodreads-badge-add-38px

Summer Girl Review Teaser


AS Green

A. S. Green lives in the cold upper Midwest with her husband and three children. She spends summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for Summer Girl, and she is a sucker for down-to-earth heroes who work with their hands (if they play guitar, that’s an added bonus). She enjoys all things Irish––particularly music, dancing, and Jameson. When she’s not writing or reading romance, she’s traveling, camping, blogging for Writer Unboxed, and writing YA (under her real name). You can find her online at and follow her on Twitter and Facebook at @asgreenbooks.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon Author Profile


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Meet Boone:

Boone's stories range from high fantasy to contemporary romance.

Having lived all over the world, and finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, she's always looking for the next adventure. It's not unusual to find Boone traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush, gathering information for her stories. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.

Connect with Boone: Site | NewsletterFacebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:

A wedding. A playboy. And a week he’ll make sure she never forgets.

Kinni Corbet is the perfect bridesmaid. She’s efficient and has a to-do list for every occasion. When the bride-to-be adds “relax and have some fun” to Kinni’s schedule, Price Lyons seems to tick all the right boxes. He’s guaranteed fun, and it’s only for one week—what can it hurt?

Playboy hotel owner Price Lyons has wanted to break down Kinni’s walls for years. Her plan to relax for a whole week is the perfect opportunity to get to the one person he’s never been able to charm. And this time, she seems…receptive to his advances. Unexpected, but he’ll take it. There’s just one problem. Kinni’s allergic to spontaneity, and the only thing predictable about Price is his unpredictably. There’s no way they’ll last beyond the week, and Kinni’s going to make sure of it…

Purchase: AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunes | Kobo

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This Isn’t Over, Baby

by K. Webster War & Peace Publication Date: August 30, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance


PreorderAmazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

They’d won the battle and I held up the white flag of defeat… But the war wasn’t OVER. I suffered the aching loss of what they had stolen from me. OVER and OVER again, my heart broke. The white Queen and the black King had taken OVER the game and ruled for what seemed like eternity. Until one day, eternity was finally OVER. I was the dark knight who would rise again and conquer. I was the man who would win OVER the most important piece on the board. A slayer. A protector. A father. A new king with the blackest of hearts. And head OVER heels in love with… The little princess who owned my twisted soul. Sometimes the villains don’t just want their happy ending… They demand it. This isn’t OVER, baby. This will never be OVER. Warning: This Isn’t Over, Baby is a dark romance. Strong sexual themes and violence which could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.



About K. Webster

K Webster2 K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers. Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen. You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads! Website: Newsletter:

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A sexy cowboy and a gamer convention…what could go wrong? Find out in Fool Me Once by Katee Robert! They say opposites attract, but this is just ridiculous.
Grab your copy at the following retailers: Amazon US: Amazon UK: iBooks: Nook: Kobo:
Blurb Aubry Kaiser doesn’t like people—actually, that’s not right. She loathes people. With her crippling anxiety, there’s no way she can demo her favorite video game at a convention with five thousand other people. Maybe if she brings someone to act as a shield… But the only person available is the sexy cowboy she can’t stand. Quinn Baldwyn is in a mess of his own. He’s been dodging his wealthy family’s matchmaking attempts—and life advice—for years, but with his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he needs of a shield of his own. He and Aubry can barely hold down a civil conversation, but in bed…fireworks. And the closer they get to Quinn’s sister’s wedding, the more he realizes that he might actually like Aubry. Now it’s up to him to convince her she might actually like him, too. Excerpt She pinched the bridge of her nose. “If I say you’re right, am I ever going to live it down?” He didn’t answer, and she opened her eyes. Their reflection was slightly distorted in the passenger window, but even she could see he had a seriously tense look on his face. She belatedly realized that they were pressed together, her back to his front, and that he was… Oh my God. She couldn’t resist leaning back into him, just a little. Yep, that’s not a micro penis. A shiver worked its way through her, leaving goose bumps in its wake, and her nipples perked right up, showing through the thin fabric of her T-shirt. There was no way he didn’t feel her reaction, not with his arm creating a band across her ribs, his forearm against the underside of her breasts. Even as she noticed, he started to release her, his hand sliding over her stomach, but he stopped when he hit her hip, his pinkie finger dipping below the waistband of her shorts, just a little. It wasn’t anywhere near anything vital, but that little intrusion made her moan all the same. “Fuck.” The word was barely audible, but she felt it in the way his body tensed behind her. She shivered again, torn between telling him to back off and getting the top button of her jeans all undone for him. If she didn’t make a decision—and fast—he was going to back off again. It was written all over the tension she could feel emanating from his body. Aubry started to reach for his hand, still undecided on whether she wanted to encourage or threaten him, but he moved, bending down to brace one hand on the truck in front of them, the other still on her hip. The move brought his mouth against her ear, and his harsh exhale made her shake. She arched against him. She couldn’t help it. Her body took over, a primal part of her knowing he could give her all the pleasure she could handle, and was only too happy to extend an invitation by rubbing her ass against his hard length. His grip on her hip tightened, but he didn’t try to stop her. “You’re playing a dangerous game.” She knew. They had to stop for so many reasons, the least of which was that they were on the side of a freaking highway and it was only a matter of time before a car drove past. But she didn’t want to stop. ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Katee Robert New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author Katee Robert learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back. Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way—as it often does—and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she’d like to write a book and try to get published. Her first novel was an epic fantasy that, God willing, will never see the light of day. From there, she dabbled in YA and horror, before finally finding speculative romance. Because, really, who wouldn’t want to write entire books about the smoking-hot relationships between two people? She now spends her time—when not lost in Far Reach worlds—playing imaginary games with her wee ones, writing, ogling men, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads

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Blind Spot

by Katana Collins Publication Date: August 8, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Embrace, New Adult, Romance Blind Spot Cover


Synopsis: I’m used to going for the easy things in life. The easy A in school. The easy lay in bed. The easy life my trust fund affords me. Until I met Shelby. Never in my life have I found retro T-shirts and ChapStick so damn sexy. She’s exactly what I never knew I wanted. And she’s *anything* but easy. But suddenly, easy is overrated.

Only one damn problem… For Shelby, *hating me* is easy.

For the first time in my life, I have to work for something. And though she may not be easy…she’ll be worth it.


Blind Spot Teaser 1

EXCERPT: At the corner of her mouth, a crumb stuck to her Chap Stick. This had to be a setup, right? My eyes were locked on her full bottom lip. “You have a crumb.” I pointed. Her lashes lowered, and she darted her tongue to the wrong corner of her mouth, missing the cookie. All the blood rushed to my pants so quickly, I swear I got light headed. Was this all in my mind? She didn’t seem aware of what she was doing as she brushed her index finger over the wrong side of her mouth. I slid a little closer, waiting to gauge her reaction, and her breath caught, almost like she was swallowing a gasp. A good gasp? One that was laced with need, I hoped. My pulse thundered, and my arousal was so thick it clawed at the base of my pelvis. But something more profound skimmed higher in my chest. Something new that flipped and somersaulted and wasn’t altogether unpleasant. I leaned in some more, still hesitating. She seemed the skittish type, and I didn’t want to rush her. “You still missed it,” I said. Lifting my finger to her lips, I brushed at the crumb stuck there. I knew it was too soon, too fast. But God, I needed to taste those watermelon-scented lips, to feel them against mine. I’d been slowly moving closer for the better part of thirty seconds, and as I tilted my chin down, her sharp breath and rm nipples were all the confirmation I needed. “Don’t worry,” I whispered. “I’ll get it.”


Katana Collins

Katana Collins bounced between a lot of different careers, including actor, photographer, television producer and finally after ten years of various jobs, she finally found her niche writing romance novels. With over ten books in a variety of romance genres, (paranormal, new adult, contemporary, and suspense to name a few), she's been keeping very busy these last few years.
She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and brood of rescue animals. Most days, she can be found hunched over her laptop in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.
Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @katanacollins.


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Monday, August 8, 2016

Release day - Interference


by Mignon Mykel Prescott Family #1 Publication Date: August 8, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Interference Cover


Amazon (#FREE with #KindleUnlimited):

Synopsis: Hockey’s most eligible bachelor must run interference to get the one girl he can’t have.

Sydney: I’d never even heard of Caleb Prescott, God’s gift to hockey. Who watches hockey anyways? Not me, I’m too busy with college and work. My part-time just for fun job has now asked me to recruit this player for a new dating show. Sounds easy enough. . .until he insists I become part of the show. Caleb: I only agreed to compete on the dating show to get closer to Sydney—the redhead pixie I’d do anything to see again. But unlike the women competing for my affection, or the puck bunnies desperate for my attention, Sydney isn’t impressed by my hockey skills. I never miss a shot, I don’t care if she calls interference, I’ll do anything to win her heart. goodreads-badge-add-38px

Interference Teaser 2


Caleb As she was about to rush into explaining when I would board the cruise-liner, as if I had agreed to it, I held up my hand. “Miss Meadows.” God that sounded too formal for a woman like her. “Sydney,” I tried again, definitely preferring the taste of it on my tongue. “How about we meet over coffee or something tomorrow? Ten?” Her eyes widened slightly, just briefly, before she nodded with a fixed smile in place. “Of course. Yes, that will give you more time to let it sink in. So long as you agree to—” I cut her off with a grin. While yes, this show was against everything I had ever thought for myself, I had a feeling that sitting with Sydney and talking to her about the show, as if I were agreeing to it, would be the only time I’d see this gorgeous redhead again. I didn’t quite know what was drawing me to this short pixie of a woman, but I definitely wanted to see her again. Tomorrow I’d have no time constraints and she could talk all she wanted. But before I realized the words were out of my mouth though, I said, “I’ll do it,” agreeing to her pitch. Shit. Fuck. The smile filling her face wasn’t one I was about to take away, and her amber eyes danced, lightening just slightly to bring out fiery red specks. “We can discuss contestants tomorrow then. Wonderful. Oh, great!” I had to swallow a chuckle at her obvious excitement. We agreed on a place to meet and I watched her leave out of the corner of my eye while heading toward the ice. Like I said, I liked her ass.

Interference Teaser 4


From the Beginning Cover


Amazon (#FREE with #KindleUnlimited): 
Synopsis: Before the Prescott name became big in the hockey world, there was just Noah Prescott, fighting for a spot on an NHL roster. Never did he imagine a simple note from a shy fan would speed up his world. Ryleigh Scott had an issue talking to men, but she knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk to Noah -- potentially negative labels, be damned. Never did she imagine a simple note would start what could only be described as the beginning of the rest of her life. This is Noah and Ryleigh -- before the NHL contract, before the kids, before going back home. This is Noah and Ryleigh from the beginning. goodreads-badge-add-38px

From the Beginning Teaser 2


Mignon Mykel

Mignon is a twenty-something (…getting awfully close to thirty-something) who resides in Wisconsin. An avid reader since her preschool days, she ‘blames’ her mother for teaching her to read during that all-important time during a forming brain. Some of her earlier memories of reading include her mother buying her a book at the mall — and finishing the book before they even returned home. Writing happened soon after the reading started. Her first writing piece can be found in a box of other important papers from growing up. It’s about an apple who was her friend, but she had to eat. The first series Mignon started to write was about a close family of one brother and his three younger sisters. She started writing this family and their friends in 2005, but as soon as the Prescott family took over her mind, the Ashbys fell silent. Maybe someday we’ll all hear from the Ashbys, but those Prescotts…. The Prescotts are excited to have their stories told.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads | Newsletter | Amazon Author Profile


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