Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bullet Riddled: The First S.W.A.T. Officer Inside Columbine ... and Beyond
by Grant M. Whitus with Thom Vines
5 stars

This is  an impressive collections of stories about being a police officer and S.W.A.T. officer. It is amazing that the writer survived these encounters alive and well. I was also impressed by the degree of fact checking he did. Every chapter had many footnotes. Most memoirs do not fact check and note where they did the checking. He wanted to get his facts right.
I was impressed that the author was able to be so self aware. He stated at various places that looking back he was  too hard on this or that person. He does not try to assign reasons to the actions of other officers. He takes both credit and blame for the results of each police action.
This book not only gives answers on things such as Columbine it also talks about what was learned and how the author changed how he responded to situations. The author talks honestly about his beliefs and views. He makes no apologies for working to create the best S.W.A.T. team humanly possible.
This is not a book for anyone who is strongly against shoot first to protect other lives or the death penalty. The author is plain speaking when discussing his beliefs and why. Even though I don't share his beliefs I was able to see why he had those beliefs.
I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in the development of present S.W.A.T. methods and anyone interested in Columbine and other police actions that the author was involved with.
I received this book free, in return for a honest review, from Netgalley.com.
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