Thursday, December 16, 2010

Been a long day and it's not even noon.

I have my youngest nephew here at my home today. First time any of the kids have been here. All my toys and kid books I gave to my mom since they are at her house often. NO pictures of my boys will be on my blog. I love them and they are adorable but I don't want their faces out in cyberspace. It is just internet safety. He hasn't stopped moving since he got here and much of that time was spent chasing the cat. Sinatra is not used to kids, he is ok around them but he doesn't really trust them much. Plus being hit in the head by one of his toys didn't go over well. I gave him, Goober, a project to do that is making it hard for me to type. He wants me to count the coins as he puts them back into the piggy bank. Ever try to type while counting? I have trouble doing both individually so as a combo they are really working my brain.

Have you ever like a book so much that you accidentally bought it more than once.I'm having that problem with Game Over by Fern Michaels. Yesterday my third copy arrived in the mail. For most people this would be a severe mistake but for me it is just standard operating. Almost 21 years ago I was a recent College grad on my way into graduate school to be a teacher. I was working on 2 certificates plus my MA at the same time. I had an eidetic memory and life was good and learning was easy. Then between the first and second week of my 1st semester I went to visit a friend in Sacramento. A trip from MickeyDee's to a park to eat changed my life forever. Just feet from the park a car jumped the light and I watched him run into my door. That was in the early 90's. They didn't know much about mTBIs (mild traumatic brain injuries). Mild simply means I was never in a coma. My neurologist and I now suspect it is possible I had such severe damage because I was already recovering from an undiagnosed concussion. I was in the World Series quake that hit the SF Bay area> I got thrown around quite badly and was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck. getting another concussion before the first is healed increases the damage. I gradually got worse for the first few weeks and then got stuck at that level of function. Imagine being a grad student studying to be a teacher and having lost, among other things my ability to read. I retaught myself to read but could do nothing about the lost of my physical memory. I recognized people by their voices. It was over ten years before I could recognize family and friends in places like stores or malls.That was just the first of my mTBIs and hidden Dis-abilities.
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