Wednesday, December 22, 2010

good brain vs bad brain days

IF you say you are having a bad hair day every one understands what you are talking about. Unfortunately the same is not true when you are having a bad brain day. There are tons of reasons you could be having one when you are a TBI survivor of any kind: stress, not getting enough sleep or rest, trying to do too much, pushing yourself to do more than you are able,too much stimulation, too many people or noise around you, Trying to remember all the steps to completing a task you used to be able to do easily are just a few. I beat anyone with a TBI reading this can come up with many more. I was excited the first time I managed to have a phone conversation in the same room as the TV. I still get distracted by the images more than the sounds but it was years...over a decade before I could talk in the same room as a tv or carry on a conversation in a room where others were also talking like at a party or family get together.
I just recently went back on a med for Migraines from TBI that I have been off for about a year. This is making me have more bad brain days as I get used to it again., generic drugs are interesting depending on the company your drugstore buys from you may have the response intended it may not provide enough drug or it may be extremely weak. I recently changed pharmacies and had to have one med changed because the generic I was getting wasn't strong enough; this time this med looks different and is definitely stronger than what I took before. I feel like I am thinking and moving in slow motion hence the bad brain days.

On a lighter note, I got a great deal on freecycle today. Picked it up this afternoon and have just about laughed myself silly since then. I got a free used cat tree for Frankie Baby.  Right now it is in pieces and I am trying to convince myself I can put it together myself if I just go out to the shed and get an allen wrench the correct size. To be honest I saw a picture of what it should look like so I probably could do it alone but after the fun we had getting it into the car I'm not sure I am up to dealing with putting the pieces together while fighting off the cat. His newest trick is trying to get into my top cupboards. he discovered the bottom ones he can open hold no fun stuff like cans and pans so he figures the food must be up higher. He is also trying to open my fridge and oven and yesterday made himself quite sick by deciding to try out his litter as a food. It isn't as bad as it sounds his litter is ground corn cobs still not something I would eat but at least not clay.
I had some deep depression going earlier today but my friend in Washington state made it all better when I went out to go to PT a package had been delivered at my door. She sent me this beautiful stuffed wolf pup that is also a puppet. It gave me smiles. SO a big thank you goes out to her. I needed that smile and the giggles my aide gave me using the puppet and a silly voice to talk to me.
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