Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Snowing again!!!!

Everyone here is wondering just how much snow we are going to get. We got over 4 feet last week and it is snowing yet again. Warmed up a bit over the week end so some melted but looks like we are getting buried yet again. I love the way snow looks. How it can make empty branches look like lace against the sky. That feeling I still get the first big snow storm of wondering if the kids will be staying home or if they can both start the buses and feel it is safe to send them out. State aid isn't what it used to be so safety is more important now. Used to be if the buses started we went and then they sent us home again once we had passed that magic number of hours required for that day's state aid. I think I am dating myself a bit there. My nephews look at me like I am a bit nuts when I say things like that. Only time I can remember hearing state aid mentioned in several years was when government cuts in it make the news. Now schools just make sure they don't take enough days to have to lose some vacation time in the spring.
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