Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still more snow!!!!!

I'm sitting looking at a down pour of snow that has been tumbling past my window for hours now. When I looked out a few minutes ago I discovered the snow was to the top of my wheel wells. Bright and early tomorrow I am going to have to bundle up and go dig it out and clear it off so the apartment complex doesn't have it towed. For those who have never experienced lake effect snow this probably doesn't sound like it is all that bad. For those who have they realize I am going to be shoveling what feels like a sodden 12 inch thick sponge off my car and digging the same off the ground to have a prayer of a chance of moving my car. Then I will get to slide my car to the other side of the parking lot so the plows can clean where I am parked right now then back across to let them do the other.

This is my beautiful little boy Sinatra. He is a bit bigger now but basically looks and acts the same. He has come a long way from the little kitten someone dumped in my cousin's truck at a work site. I have found he is a bit like having a monkey or maybe a toddler. Anyone who says cats always land on their feet has never met this one. I've only seen him land on his feet once. The rest have been his side, back, head.... He is incredibly stubborn and loves climbing and then pouncing. Normal for a cat but last week he fried my laptop by dumping water into the speakers today he scared himself half to death. He was climbing my china cabinet and I just didn't have the energy to make him get down which took all the fun out of climbing up there so he started climbing down only he was moving much slower than he does when he sees the water bottle aimed at him and he tumbled knocking most of the stuff off the shelves. hit the floor with several things including several angels ,one of them being a bell that rang quite loudly. He didn't stop running until he was behind the toilet. If you wonder about the name take a closer look at the picture. See those big blue eyes? They are even bluer in person. I have to get a tape of how he gets on the counter and post it words can't quite describe what he does.
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